Monday, 21 November 2016

if i were to wish for a dream come true. i just wanna board the flight on and off very occasionally, visiting all those countries i heard from afar, from the movies i watched, from the books i read, from the girlish dreams i have.

i want that moment with a person or maybe triple or quadruple of people i have fallen in love with their company, to have deep talks while watching the sunset from the old buildings with all its historical stories, and telling jokes and teases each other until we are all teary and stomach pain from all the out-loud laughing we have.

i want that dream i used to dream of so badly. to be in a foreign land to learn its civilisation, culture and past. to be the one who witness the every day life of those european people that we in the far away land have been admiring, either for the good reason and rotten one.

this dream, has given me all the agony in the world. and i still wonder until this date of when the world will start to notice that i deserve to receive this gift that much.

i dont admire european alone. altho of course, it is more appealing for most people including me because european likes to exhibits their lavishness and some poshness in the culture that they promote to us.  I hav also been wishing for a budget travelling with my dad in the land of the prophets. where we both know arabic very well, can communicated with them well enuf to not be cheated upon when making businesses. i wanted to travel by his side and to listen to all his stories of the cities and the desserts. because nothing is the the calm music to my ear (literally) other than to listen to his tots and opinions, and then noticing of how little time i have with this man, and how little have i given to this man.