Sunday, 3 April 2016

im going back to sleep tonite. just like whay i have been doing the past 3 years.
those years i had been summoning strength before i sleep. my chant, god make me strong tomorrow.

i had hated myself for being a girl so shy, yet so soft. i kick my butt, push my back - uve got to try to be strong. but that time was different, because i had desire. i had desire to become better, to be not look down

and how things have been different. feelings had overflown for these 3 years. i had tot of channeling the feelings so intense into my dream, my ambition. but i suck at it. i succumb to sorrow, prolonged one. ive been wanting to come back to being ok. at leaat, to feel okay.

i feel alone in this fight. i dont have ground in this battle. id rooted very strongly. but once u shake ur own faith ,whats there anymore to believe.

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