Sunday, 13 March 2016


Life some many months ago was somber. I couldnt help wanting to listen to goyte songs to satisfy my grieving soul. I dont specifically know what i was grieving about, because every time would be of different things. the background problem was mainly about losing the opportunity i once really want. Especially, it is because i dont know whats other alternative i favour. especially i tot what i want was what i really wanted in life.

But thru this many journey have i learn compassion and empathy, not to say that i have become a completely compassionate woman, only better than what i was. i have to say that i was a judgemental-freak and a bigot, not to blame religious rhetoric but i do feel religious preach should be more thoughtful, considerate and of more righteous knowledge.

My conflict was having a clash of two powerful culture in my thought. Islamic civilization in itself has not a range of horizontal spectrum, but because of the many factor the ranges could have been better said as a circle of spectra that comprises mny issues. From its traditionalism, conservatives, liberal, secularism, spiritual aspect, and so on, of that I didnt know to mention. Modern world, in the other hand, evolved into its complicated machinery and globalisation has made everything merged together whenever possible, and clash of values among modern and local or traditional value have not been any more common than now.

3 years of this journey, i have been seeking my way back to some normal, stable mind and thoughts. And today couldnt have been a better day to say that my comeback recently has been the best compared to previous many try-outs. Especially true when you hve the best people around.

Despite that, I know I could not settle my mind down as of now, since my journey is still on going. More roads to be taken, more brave steps to embrace, more people to meet, more ideas to go through, more hardwork to be worked out, more love to give. More God in life.

Im grateful to God, for the opportunity.

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