Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I have love many people in this life. I dont know how to love widely but I love deeply. And once in love, it is a mad love.

Ive got to say how much I am disappointed with my own self for not knowing to give back what has been due for them. Simple things like texting them after a missed call. Haha.. And she waits until 2 weeks for me to reply, still not yet and then she makes her first step.

These people.. are precious. More than anything. Is this feeling of appreciation of them an act of selfishness? Maybe, I like them because they are amazing people and their kindness are super great. To be able to be just beside them gives that good feeling. Your fall in love with every single thing they do and say. I know I should, give them my adequate love in return.

Sometimes, I dont even know I mean so much to them, until proly too late.

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