Friday, 13 November 2015

Im tired of living. exhausted from smoking too much hope. already lying dead few times on the floor from drinking too many bunkers of alcoholic boost to stay high doing hardwork..

Fail social time, trying hard to fit in, talk about useless stuff im not even interested in just to keep the conversation going with new frienss, or even the repetitive talks with long hauled best friends about same topic.

im tired of typing "how is it done" keywords in the google search to solve my problems, or asking people for their opinions because asking makes you look weak. i dont want to make super impression to people, just to to be able to make conversation with them.

im tired of thinking how to fit in with you guys , get myself updated with gossips i dont even care. or being observant to peoples behavious and talk, to pick up good ways people socialised nowadays.

im tired man,.. tired of doing things, because none matters to me anymore. once they were too meaningful to me, just  need a single or twice chances to snap my dream off me like that cruel and crude. nothing has meaning to me no more.

where do i go from here.

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