Saturday, 12 September 2015

This time, is to forgive me and ignore evil-hearted.

The fuss, the mess in life. I'm gonna just shake my head, and hell i dont what has been happening. But this time Im going to treat myself well. Im gonna forgive every single mistakes she makes, because I know no one will do that to me. And if I dont pity myself the way I used to pity people, Im gonna suffocate my own self. And I know I have had enough moment being the damsel in distress. I have been very lenient to people. I dont judge them because I want to treat them fairly enough without the need to categorise people into the loser team or the all-champion chaps.

But I realise this world has been designated to certain values of life where nice and evil are not the only cast on play. There are also various characters on this worldly stage where, the only reason they are there is to classified human to social strata. Stratification has always been the way nature works. Slave, Workers Group, Middle-class, Elite, the Top 1% country/world. We cant run away despite wanting to be treated and treating equally. Just as in the animal kingdom where amoeba, despite its unique being has always been to inferior of the mosquito, which is the inferior to the frog and so on and forth.

Just this la. Im gonna forgive myself with whatever she can't do. And perhaps by chances. she can always improve herself and find her way in with interesting stuff.

Man... im stucked with congested brain in my room every weekend. Need more fresher ideas.

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