Monday, 6 July 2015

I have been in flame and big fire,
I have been against myself and all the abstract around me,
for as long as I live.

As a child I was mad at You, I was born to be loser amongst friends,
the kind of kind person people tend want to put aside and ignore.

When I found religion, made religion the only thing in my life,
I was unsatisfied with myself because I don't know how to deliver Your religion.
I had tried hard, to my peak best, I know You had seen the everything I put into You.

I was confused lot times of how to see the world You have bestowed the men,
as I had never seen more life than the religion of Yours.
I have my whole heart for You and this Your prophet's religion, 
But how do I put two broken puzzles in my own broken heart?

I yearn for some peace from this war,
As the more I see, I realise there is no need for such battleship.

Put these away.
I just want to lie down flat. 

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