Tuesday, 23 June 2015

There's 2 hardest episodes in my life. Both of them were at the junction of every life phase. It was hurtful, and some pain I can still feel, and some words I can still hear. I am not dumb, I am not selfish, I am not someone who think so much about myself, except that some times I do some mistakes, I look at the world wrongly. But who to blame? The books I read? I make mistakes. I am an asshole sometimes. But all the struggle I had against you and against myself, was really about getting out from the trap I lived in. About fitting in. About viewing the world they way others do. But why your words are so sharp, why do u need to stab into my heart and aggravate the wound that is already there. I am hurt because of you words. Because of your insulting jokes that put me down. My soul WAS gentle. She was innocent. She was naive.  I would separate the identity of my brain and my soul. Brain need not to have courage, it is free to think, free to imagine, free to do anything. While soul is the centre of action. Where bravery comes. I know my brain is wild, and my soul is gentle. And your words.. it demoralises me.

Hey, your words hurt. Why do u need to kill a soul so gentle?

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