Sunday, 21 June 2015

I never write when I am happy. It's s always either when i feel soo hopeless, or that the feeling of pasrah passes by. The just-let-things-be (aka rationalising the reality). Oh, or when I am so angry. I dont know what else to do if those feelings come.

Theres' also another reason why I don't write happy stuff. Because the story will always reverse the next day I wake up from the night I write a happy note.

But today I decide to favour the odd. And let tomorrow decides for tomorrow. And tonite decides this beautiful, presenting constellations on the sky kind of night. I will finally know how to live in the present. Which what my friends have been nonstop preaching me.

So, for the short note, I am happy. :) Yeah, Bye.
Why? another note, when I am happy I am lazy.

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