Friday, 15 May 2015

Reaching the Terminal

Hey, Greetings.

I know the readers of my blog is very little, plus I've only been doing some virtual mumbling here... which serve no beneficiary for people to read. Therefore, those who have been keen to read this blog, I pay my tremendous appreciation. To friends who have been worry sick about me, thanks! But this is small Asma' going through her turbulance phase in life. It has been more than 3 dis-hearthening years of grief and confusion. And even though, my life is far than over ( If God's will, I have many many years to live), I have the conviction that my Quarter-Life crisis is reaching its end, which also means a start of new phase in my life.

I cant afford to repay the kindness and support. All those words, presence and thoughts.
I could die bloated thinking how bersyukur I am for this phase. Although it was far from what I believed, I rip a lot of wisdom that I thought wouldn't potentially be in this journey.

Alhamdulillah. And Thanks. 

Tribute to the Wonderful People Who Have Hurted and then Inspired me.


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