Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cheers to the Truth yet to be found!

I wish no more than to be able to take charge of my own self. Like knowing how to properly express my feelings and inner thoughts, so that I can peacefully live in this world without having to suppress what inside. The language is too incomprehensible that I take times before I myself can decipher. I want to think simple. Never to complicate things. I want happiness and peace.

I have never been more confused more than I am today. I have never been indecisive of what and how to see life more than I am today. To say that I have much to see, of course only moderately. I am just at the beginning of my life. I was a little girl. And when I was a little girl my brain was meek. I only absorbed what I was taught to absorb, while the peculiar others are usually eradicated off my mind. I was angel, although only by the outer look. I was evil inside, and when I thought about my ownself, I feel like crying because I feel the burden of not to think about myself. Narcissistic. But how can I not to think of my ownself when I am merely a human.

I want to find truth amongst the clouds of delusion. But truth is a just ball of reality, a jumble of truth and faulth.

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