Thursday, 26 February 2015

What kills you in medicine

Hello there. Im a first year student in medicine and im writing out of my sleepless night thinking what have I done to my life. I know nothing much to be complaint about since I already embark in the journey to become a doctor one day.I took along few months after PASUM  ( a one-year science foundation programme in UM) to really decide what matters to me in life, whether medicine ( a high school dream, so to say) or a newly found sense of interest (but have absolutely no idea of its future). I sought advice from respected oldies, teachers, seniors, medical students, doctors, many sort of range to know I’m doing it right. Though that, deep in my heart it’s hard to let go medicine. 

Therefore, i didn’t reject the offer to study in UM (but not like I have other offers eh). The first few months were hectic struggle of understanding what matter in my life, again. Tried to experience many things. Got into clubs, debate, some of fav fraternities. Most of them become unmanageable, theref I left them behind to focus in study.. and  focus on life in colllege and faculty, to sort of have a more normal life. But then life has not been as much has exciting as before since living my 19th-year-old- life has been revolving around  the faculty and college only.

Im sure its true as being said, when u are a medical student, you got to leave a lot of other interesting  subjects, that feed on much of your enery and consume times. Especially when it involves deep thinking, learning heavily and as much important as medicine is. 

Im not saying Im making a mistake choosing medicine. I still like it, and liking UM as well, as much as its people. But there are things in life where you got to choose to prioritise your core business  above other interests.


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