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PASUM, even though was not a place I had dreamed to be, means a great deal to me because whatever it was, it was a place of my being for 10 months doing my local foundation.

Now, I would like to write a review on PASUM what it is, how is the studying environment/pace/method all through my eyes . This is simply my humble opinion that I would like to share so that any of you can make wise choice before deciding which asasi/matrik will you be dwelling in for one-year period.

Ini adalah bangunan PASUM yang baru. Saya kira pembinaan agak canggih berbanding di bangunan lain di sekitar UM

#1 The general overview

PASUM is deemed by many to be the most difficult local foundation programme, after STPM. I don’t think it’s official. And I don’t know how true it is because I hadn’t felt how is like to be in the other programmes. The difficulty is in term of its compact programme to be that it is actually a two-year programme, compressed into one-year. So, you are actually learning a two-year syllabus within one year. Nevertheless, there are a few details topic being left out for that reason. Yet, there are a dear a lot of topics you need to constantly catch up. Rarely there’s such thing as pause since tests are conducted almost weekly.

For the next batch, the system used in PASUM might change. Generally speaking, these are the details:

Period : approximately 10 months. 2 semester. ( only 2 weeks for sem break. Mind you PASUM is stingy at giving its students holidays)
Method of teaching/learning :
Lectures ( usually 1:200 lecturer-student ratio)
tutorial classes ( usually 1:20 teacher-student ratio)
Laboratory (The report frame have to prepared beforehand. 3 hours. Chemistry lab is the most daring lab)
Subjects :
9 subjects for every semester
Pointer : UPU-based and UM-based. (the range of grades determined differently by UPU system and UM)

Timbunan segala bahan studi sem 1 dan sem 2. Di PASUM, tumpuan utama yang pelajar perlu berikan ialah pada sesi kuliah (dan nota kuliah) , perbincangan dalam kelas tutorial (dan tutorial)  serta soalan-soalan tahun lepas. Dan jika semua ini masih belum membuatkan anda cekap untuk menangkap cara berfikir dalam menyelesaikan masalah, jangan berat tulang untuk membuatkan sedikit latihan tambahan ya.
From these, you definitely could have guessed that we have 9 papers for every final examination.
(Ahah. But the study week period is not that packed. You will enjoy yourself more during the the week compared to the everyday life in pasum which is much more tedious). The schedule we have in PASUM is very much routine. To say, our personal experience is that, in the middle of the last (2nd ) semester, we said " I swear is there's another semester to go, I can't handle this routine anymore." And the extra-curricular activity can be counted as very few as we need to be very focus on study. Even if there are activities and you love getting involve in them, you have to meticulously manage your participation and time. You don't want your liking towards activities deteriorates your PASUM pointer (that will determine you academic pathway afterwards) no?

One raw thing about PASUM is that I like how the lecturers focus much on making us to appreciate science as a knowledge, rather than just something you learn for exam’s sake. Especially Prof Sahar as he keeps promoting the importance of science for the society. ( He's really a legend. I wish you could meet him. Unfortunately, he is already retired. The next batch may not be able to see him, therefore.)
Haha. yes. "Are you with me?" is his fav catchy line to draw the students' attention on his subject matter.
Now, PASUM is not much on matter of memorising. They emphasis more on appreciating the knowledge in the sense that you understand the principles/concepts of science and not blindly following the formula or etc. They try to mould you to be able to think critically in learning/applying science. (Well, although they are trying to do so, the values can only be nurtured if you are willing to open to their ideas of thinking).

There are additional topics in the syllabus (which you may not found in other foundation programmes) aim to prepare their students the basic knowledge for better and easier experience in doing degree in science. The addition is decided by respective science faculties in UM.

The shortcoming

As much as it prepares you to have better foundation in your degree, the syllabus in PASUM is heavier than matriculation/PALAM, but in UPU system (your application to IPTA), any of these 3 are treated equally. Because of the harder syllabus, with the same effort that get you a 3.80  pointer in PASUM, can bring you to 4 flat in other places. (Ehem. Merely assumption people make though)

#2 How’s the studying being done there?

I enjoyed PASUM because everything was very fast like -zap, zap, zap- two-hour lecture had finished, next, digesting the information, doing the additional references, accomplishing the tutorials. Da-ta-da. :D By one week, one topic had finished. That’s the general overview. What you need to be is having quick absorbancy, quick at digesting and analysing. Ahah. Quick at everything. Well, that’s to say, my matter of surviving in PASUM. Good method and technique varies from a person to another. To say, in a race against time, you always need strategy. Either by studying alone with a personal method or participating in a group discussion.

There are a bunch of genuises you know (Well, i think they are everywhere we go). They can easily absorb everything during the lecture hall, then with no need to do extra reading, can readily answer all the turorials. (T.T) Some of them don’t even need to listen to the lecturers. They even sleep instead! Their reference books are not the regular books used by many students but already of degree. So ask them your questions, even of something not taught by the lecturers, they can show you to the light.

But! Dont freak out. Any average students can survive in pasum if you are willing to work hard. Because in this compact programme, distinct intelligence is not as paramount as diligent. Insha-Allah, believe me, believe in yourself, you can excel here. :)

#3 Tell us about the facilities

So, you want to know about the facilities. I will divide this part into 3.

PASUM Building & Ambang Asuhan Jepun – two buildings which you will alternately use. Shared among Hayat, Fizikal and Japan preparators. You will figure out about the building yourself when you are studying there.

The accomodation (Kolej Kediaman Ke-12/KK-12/Kolej Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah) – of walking distance to PASUM. Having among cheapest food prices in UM. A room, shared by two, is fairly cozy. Never had occurred to me before, but the bed is (umph!) the utmost pleasure. 
ta-da! representing your future kolej kediaman x)
The vicinity – Midvalley. LRT University (find your cabs, buses, LRT here), CFS IIUM

Apart from those above, I enjoyed living within UM itself because of the many facilities. There are about two to three libraries – Main, Akademi Pengajian Islam, Za’ba. You can work out in the gym if you want to or swim in the pool. Many people jog every evening, so u can join them. I feel so bad because I returned home without trying out tennis. What drives me more excited is that the university has many open academic/ intellectual lectures/discourses/discussions. Many a time you can find your favourite speakers/ lecturers doing the talks even those of international or from different universities. Or you can also be more willing to listen to unfamiliar speakers. Among the degree students, I figured out that if you found the right akak2 (not sure of the opposite gender), they are critical and open to many ideas, which provides me comfort and insight more than I thought. Overall, I tremendously fancy being in PASUM because of the environment in UM. I can’t help but to say I am fond of UM so much. :D (But I also wonder how is it like to be in other IPTA such as UKM, UIA , USIM)

What else you need to know about PASUM?

I guess that’s all I have to say for now. This writing focus mostly on what matter to me. Might have left out things you want to know. Anything, feel free to ask.  : )I am more than willing to entertain.

*sorry that I don't spare many good pictures for your view.

for further details, highly recommending this blog : 

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