Friday, 20 April 2012

The amazing superwomen

If I were to choose who are the most amazing human in the entire world, I would say,
They are MOMS!

I don't think I need to tell you what they've done for us. They've done everything for us (their kids). Even if we are assigned to write it all down, the list will go on and on without stopping.

Thinking of moms, I just think they are amazing. I am referring to my mom, my female teachers (who are moms for their own children) and any other moms in this world.

Especially amazing, if moms have their own careers at the same time they need to be moms, wives and workers.
I just don't know how they work. They manage to attend all things unexceptionally as good as men or sometimes more. They are details, industrious and patient. They neglect the pains they feel, the tiredness that hunts and they sacrifice their times and energy for someone else.

..for someone else. Love is a miracle.

I just think how amazing Allah's works on moms! Subhanallah!

I don't even know I could even be like my mom. She is nice to talk with, pretty much understanding and have good instinct at knowing what her kids are currently feeling. She gives good advice and know how to tolerate.

She wills to put herself aside for the sake of her family and sometimes her works.

That's how all moms do things, don't they?

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