Saturday, 21 April 2012

Heal him, dear Lord!

Up until now, the closest man in my life is my dad. And he is the best dad I have ever met. I love every single second that we've spent together, sometimes with the whole family sometimes only both of us, perhaps in the car where he comes to fetch me up or during the jog that we have always done together or sometimes, simply in our family islamic-circle during the interval of Maghrib and Isya' or after Subuh.

I like him as he always has words of console. I like my dad because we always share the same thoughts on a matter. Or maybe at the first we aren't but then he would give his rational and I would agree to it.
We discuss, we chat, we talk. And I savour that time the most. 
He always listen to whatever his kids are trying to say.
And he treats us, always treats us very nicely.

I know him as a man of tolerance. His gentle to his kids. Sometime saying sorry and thank you, even sometimes we (his kids) know that it is not his fault. We know, a man like him will always busy with his work.

And I like the way he treat my mum as his wife. It sometimes shows the love that they posses.

He, my dad always has a way of teaching and educating his children. He doesn't scold or hit, but the way he talk always has an urge upon us to listen to what he is teaching us to do. 

i LOVE him because he is my dad. And I pray to Allah, please  heal him from his ailment. Because I love him, my mom loves him - we (the whole family) love him. 

Syafakallah, ya Abi. Syafakallah.

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