Thursday, 22 March 2012

Once being brethren, let's remain it forever.

What I have been seeing since the first step I had made to my school is one thing,
the students just can't stop back-talking their friends, and talking about them badly.

When someone said, Oh dear, that is 'ghibah (back-talking)!
then, someone will retort it saying, No it's not. We are talking the truth about someone and perhaps I could take a lesson from knowing the bad side of the person.

Ironically, people misunderstand about back-talking and slandering.

Though sometimes we do back-talking because of so-called 'rational' reason, that's completely untrue.
No such thing as a 'reason' for us to know the bad side of our friends.


There's no valid reason for that.

Hear me this,
How could someone so religiously saying about brother/sisterhood in Islam during his/her speech,
but when it comes about chit-chatting, we unveil to the world about the shames, the disgraces, the defects, the faults of our friends.
Although it is indeed for the sake of 'stress-releasing' process,
what if everything has return to its good state, or the problem solved, or we misunderstood?
The world will still stick on their NEGATIVE perceptions. And once a human perception is changed because of a bad statement, then there's no returning back.

We tell people : Did you know that he is ...? or she is..?
How could someone like her do something like that?
Couldn't you believe that...?
I could have sworn I saw her..

Human lead their own life, and every human want the best for their life.
We have chosen to be ourselves.
And ourselves is the best we could do.

All goes the same to other people.
People try to be at their best though it doesn't seem right to us.

Plainly, dear people,
We are all doing one thing for sure,

We try to retrieve Allah's blessings.
but in different ways , as what was being guided/told/taught to us.

Some is right, and some is the most righteous.

Then, why arguing?

Why is there more back-talking?

Why are we narrating shameful stories of our friends to the rest of the world?

Reflect ourselves.

--> Message especially dedicated to ME, and my dear friends.

~I'm sorry. To my friends.
You are dear to me.
Protect our sisterhood.
FROM evils and resents.

May Allah STRENGTHEN the knots.

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