Monday, 19 March 2012

Let's be grateful and less be fretful!

Very often in this world, we tend to neglect to ponder upon gifts that Allah swt has presented to us. And how very often we always whine and mourn and just couldn’t stop nagging about about how miserable our life is. Yet, we never know how to be thankful to Allah swt of how very kind, generous, benevolent of Him to bestow us with such blessings.

Fact is sometimes, we just couldn’t have had enough things in our life. Sometimes, believe me, we need to just live with the simple things we have in our life and stop whining or churning as it provides nothing in turn except frets and frowns.

In life, there are times when we see nothing in people except evils when in fact they are actually being nice and purely, sincerely being kind towards us. But, how the devils have succeeded of making human even the al-mukminun go astray from the right path! And how pity and pathetic human is to stumble and fell into their traps!

May Allah guide us in the rightful track.

May Allah be with you, me and all our muslim brothers and sisters.

Peace. =)
Salam alaik.!


  1. dah lama tak baca blog asma -najwa

  2. Yay! Welcome again to my blog! =)

  3. Awa.. awat bila saya pi blog awak x bleh?~.-