Friday, 30 March 2012

Bagaimanakah kita saat ini?

Sedangkan pada kebanyakan masanya, kita sangatlah ghairah dalam mencipta kehidupan dunia, lantas melupai hakikat kehidupan manusia.

Kita bergembira, bergelak ketawa bersama teman, namun sedikit sekali saling memperingati kematian.

Kita tersenyum yang sangat lebar, tetapi sangatlah sedikit menangisi segala kesalahan dan dosa di hadapan Tuhan.

Kita merasa cukup pada amalan akhirat, namun tidak pernah cukup-cukup mencari bekalan untuk dunia.

Sedangkan, wahai manusia jika engkau menyedari,
Dunia hanyalah kenderaan menuju destinasi akhirat.
Apalah guna terlalu asyik mencantikkan dan membaiki kereta,
sehinggalah lupa untuk memandunya ke tempat tujuan sehingga suatu masa,
masa mengembara telah tamat, tibalah waktu hisab.

Di situ, tiada guna berduka lara, sedangkan suatu pun tidak mampu diubah lagi.

Manusia, kita sangat asyik di sini,
dengan segala kemewahan dan kesenangan,
kegembiraan dan keceriaan,
sampai terlupa titik tolak perjalanan insan.
Kerana manusia, tidak diciptakan tanpa tujuan, 
melainkan untuk menjadikan kehidupannya sebagai sembahan untuk Tuhan.

Bagaimana kita saat ini, adakah diredai Tuhan dan sekalian makhluk langit.
Atau, kitalah yang tidak habis-habis dilaknat malaikat atas keingkaran kita?

Andai umur kita samalah seperti penghulu anbiya' itu,
perjalanan kehidupan ini masih jauh, 
maih banyak liku dan duri untuk dilalui,
dan merasai pahit maung kehidupan itu,
yang menguji keberadaan kita di sisi Tuhan.

Maka, moga kita melakukan segala persiapan selengkapnya,
dengan ilmu dan hikmah para ulama',
dengan hati yang bersih dan ikhlas,
dengan akal yang sejahtera dan cerdas
yang memampukan kita mengorak setiap langkah dengan berjaya..

Sungguh, tiada yang memberikan kekuatan melainkan Allah.
Tiada yang memberikan belas kasihan pada hari hisab melainkan Allah juga.

Moga kita terus menjadi hamba Tuhan yang Ar-Rahim itu.
dan moga dengan rahmat-Nya, kita selamat dari azab seksa neraka jahannam.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

We fail Allah's test more than we care to know.

But, may Allah, the Benevolent, care to forgive us.

"Inna rahmati 'ghalabat qadobi"

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Managing Our Time

Peace be upon you. =)

Hola. So, I'm here again getting extremely excited to write.

I've been trying to convey this message (longing, actually) especially to my dearest friends (or students of smai) that have been part of my life. The reason of why I'm feeling like it because I could see mass of Muslims neglecting the importance of managing their times, and thus it' leads to the worst consequences of unable to complete their tasks or works or jobs or homework or etc at the exact given time. Excuses will be the way to escape then.

I'm not the best dealer when talking about time management. I'm still learning. But I really feel like sharing ways to manage times even though I'm not qualified enough.

Procrastination is a thief of time. An adage repeatedly told by every teacher, book yada yada yada, we know.
Islam takes serious emphasis on time.

Note this hadith:

"Whoever believes in Allah and the Hereafter, let him speak good or keep quiet."
(Recorded by Bukhari and Muslim)

Among things that have been stressed up by Islamic scholars (based on my reading), they would say how important for a Muslim to take care of what have been talking or to be talking etc. A Muslim man (and his kind) is someone who use up every minutes so precisely meticulous. He doesn't talk except when needed or when he doesn't simply fill the time with good stuff but also, vigilantly plan of what to be put first and what forth.

There's a great analogy to clarify this matter. Some of you might even have heard of it.

For example, you have a big basin and you need to filled it with some beans, sands, rice, potatoes, buns (err.. what else?) perhaps some books (ehem, any idea?). If you fill it with sands, beans, rice (small things) and then potatoes, buns and books (big things) you will find out that the basin is not enough to put all those thing together.

But what about if you... put the books, buns, potatoes first and then the beans, sands and rice. You'll get it fixed!

Here is what I meant. In life, if we put the trivial things first in our life, then the big stuff, you are ruining your own life. Big stuff needs to be attended first and then, during some intervals or when the important stuff has finished, we can do the trivial stuff then. Insha Allah, we would be able to accomplished all things correctly.

Time Management

Analyse the above diagram.

That is the Time Management Matrix produced by Stephen Covey, the author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I don't think I need to give further explanation; it could easily be understood.


We, are muslim, entrusted with abundance of works for the duniyya and akhirah.
Our life doesn't end up here on the earth, but rather, we have the world of the Hereafter where our deeds are to be our main concern and that our time is being questioned, of the where and how it has been spent.

Let's try to manage our lives as best as we could so that we got blessed by Allah.

Just some thought to share. If you somehow encountered a time where you thing is deeply boring and have nothing to do, then the best thing to do is the reading. READ. Read as much as we could as reading content up the mind and the heart Don't go watching TV and facebooking when you have had too much of it.
And, yes, when I am talking about reading, I don't mean reading only fictions,but also both the non-fiction including the islamic books and books that contain virtue and knowledge.

Muslim, our journey is far from the end. We still got so much thing to do for ourselves, the religion and the ummah.

Let's give the best strike! Insha-Allah.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Once being brethren, let's remain it forever.

What I have been seeing since the first step I had made to my school is one thing,
the students just can't stop back-talking their friends, and talking about them badly.

When someone said, Oh dear, that is 'ghibah (back-talking)!
then, someone will retort it saying, No it's not. We are talking the truth about someone and perhaps I could take a lesson from knowing the bad side of the person.

Ironically, people misunderstand about back-talking and slandering.

Though sometimes we do back-talking because of so-called 'rational' reason, that's completely untrue.
No such thing as a 'reason' for us to know the bad side of our friends.


There's no valid reason for that.

Hear me this,
How could someone so religiously saying about brother/sisterhood in Islam during his/her speech,
but when it comes about chit-chatting, we unveil to the world about the shames, the disgraces, the defects, the faults of our friends.
Although it is indeed for the sake of 'stress-releasing' process,
what if everything has return to its good state, or the problem solved, or we misunderstood?
The world will still stick on their NEGATIVE perceptions. And once a human perception is changed because of a bad statement, then there's no returning back.

We tell people : Did you know that he is ...? or she is..?
How could someone like her do something like that?
Couldn't you believe that...?
I could have sworn I saw her..

Human lead their own life, and every human want the best for their life.
We have chosen to be ourselves.
And ourselves is the best we could do.

All goes the same to other people.
People try to be at their best though it doesn't seem right to us.

Plainly, dear people,
We are all doing one thing for sure,

We try to retrieve Allah's blessings.
but in different ways , as what was being guided/told/taught to us.

Some is right, and some is the most righteous.

Then, why arguing?

Why is there more back-talking?

Why are we narrating shameful stories of our friends to the rest of the world?

Reflect ourselves.

--> Message especially dedicated to ME, and my dear friends.

~I'm sorry. To my friends.
You are dear to me.
Protect our sisterhood.
FROM evils and resents.

May Allah STRENGTHEN the knots.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Let's be grateful and less be fretful!

Very often in this world, we tend to neglect to ponder upon gifts that Allah swt has presented to us. And how very often we always whine and mourn and just couldn’t stop nagging about about how miserable our life is. Yet, we never know how to be thankful to Allah swt of how very kind, generous, benevolent of Him to bestow us with such blessings.

Fact is sometimes, we just couldn’t have had enough things in our life. Sometimes, believe me, we need to just live with the simple things we have in our life and stop whining or churning as it provides nothing in turn except frets and frowns.

In life, there are times when we see nothing in people except evils when in fact they are actually being nice and purely, sincerely being kind towards us. But, how the devils have succeeded of making human even the al-mukminun go astray from the right path! And how pity and pathetic human is to stumble and fell into their traps!

May Allah guide us in the rightful track.

May Allah be with you, me and all our muslim brothers and sisters.

Peace. =)
Salam alaik.!


Lately it has been tremendously embarrassing that you can obviously see how this blog has been my diary yet it has gone astray from my niah (intention) of why I created this blog.

I blocked this blog from views for sometimes and tried the renew my intentions and deeds.

Insya-Allah, I might have recover from the ailment.

And, I'm back on the track.

May Allah blessings be upon us all. =)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Kerinduan Lagi

Seperti biasa, Jumaat adalah hari yang paling bermakna dalam satu minggu.

Seperti juga semalam, Jumaat 9/3/12 - Hari yang penuh dengan kerinduaan.

Ada beberapa rindu yang terubat dan beberapa peristiwa yang menyebabkan rindu.

Solat zohor hari Jumaat adalah satu-satunya masa yang membolehkan para muslimat bersolat di saf hadapan surau. Dan andainya para muslimin semuanya menyedari bahawa, indahnya dan dekatnya rasa berada di saf depan - pastilah mereka semua berkejar-kejaran untuk segera berada di saf paling hadapan. Sedangkan para muslimat, jarang sekali dapat merasainya. Kami perlu bersyukur sahaja berada di saf belakang. Bukankah saf belakang adalah sebaik2 saf bagi kami dan saf hadapan adalah sebaik2 saf bagi para muslimin? Tapi, tentu saja rasa indah berada di saf hadapan itu menimbulkan rasa rindu.

Selepas solat zohor, terubat satu lagi rindu. Rindu pada Halaqah Mahabbah yang dulu. Alhamdulillah, HM muncul untuk sesi 2012 - julung-julung kalinya. Halaqah Mahabbah F5. Dimulakan dengan mentadabbur ayat Al-A'raf : 2. Kemudian, berbicara tentang matlamat hidup muslim. Segala peringatan, pengalaman dan ilmu dicurahkan. Ia rasa yang indah. Andai semua dapat merasai keindahan usrah itu.

Malam itu, mengikuti perkembangan kem ibadah adik2 tingkatan 1. Selepas solat maghrib, tazkirah dari bekas pelajar kisas mengenai pelajar soleh. Maka, terbangkitlah rasa rindu pada sekolah itu. Kenapa masih tidak berhenti?

Pagi tadi, satu lagi rindu terawat. Rindu pada perbincangan ilmu. Pagi tadi, di dewan makan bersama seorang sahabat, berborak-borak. Ya, hanya kami berdua di ruang yang besar itu. Hanya kami berdua, bersama ilmu. =)

Rindu. Rasa yang mampu menyuburkan jiwa. Ya bagi kerinduaan pada kebaikan. Tapi, ada juga kerinduan pada sesuatu yang fasad, bukan?

DAN.. Seandainya rasa rindu itu mudah-mudah sahaja dirawat seperti cukuplah dengan menelan ubat. Ia bakal mudah bukan? Tetapi, rindu adalah sesuatu yang mampu membuat seseorang itu rasa kehilangan dan kosong. Andai sahaja tidak diselamatkan Allah swt, tentu sahaja manusia hanyut pada rasa kekosongan akibat tipu daya syaitan.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kembara Mencari Tuhan - Semula

Saya dalam kembara mencari Tuhan. Ironinya, saya pernah menjalani kembara ini, dan kini saya melakukannya semula.

Entah ke mana segala rasa itu pergi. Saya tidak berasa sedih, tidak pula gembira. Saya tidak berasa resah, tidak pun tenang. Hati ini kosong, ibarat sebuah rumah tidak berpenghuni.

Saya tercari-cari.. sehingga pencarian itu yang membawa saya hilang.

Saya tercari-cari banyak perkara.

..dan apabila, secara tiba2 (saya tidak tahu mengapa), saya hilang segala keinginan, semangat, himmah dan hikmah.

Sadisnya, bukan hanya saya. Sahabat yang lain juga.

Apabila perasaan manjadi tawar, gerak langkah pula menjadi hambar. Dan sudah beberapa kali, saya tidak mampu menyentuh hati manusia, seperti mana saya tidak mampu menyentuh hati sendiri.

Saya masih belum memahami apa kena dengan hati. Mungkin juga kurang bersyukur, kurang reda, kurang bertawakal. Mungkin juga kurang menyerahkan segala urusan agar Allah yang menyudahkan segalanya.

Saya meraba-raba, dalam pengembaraan semula ini. Meraba cahaya dari Illahi agar dikembalikan hati yang bersih, keimanan yang mantap dan kecintaan pada ilmu.

Aku memulakan pengembaraan ini semula, ya Allah.
Jangan Kaubiarkan hati ini kosong.

Izinkan aku bertemu denganMu kembali!