Monday, 13 February 2012

How would we be?

I have been thinking about this for a very long long time and still keep wondering how it would be.
Yes, indeed being in school is much easier. You mix with friends of the same religious understanding, wear the same type of clothes, attend school programs together, teachers to guide you, rules to keep you within the line, etc. etc.

What if we are in universities or working places or when we are out becoming a part of the society?

Will it be the same? Will we be able to overcome every obstruction? Will we be able to keep our faith this strong?

What will happen, when you are alone in a group of non-Muslim people and have no other Muslim to be with you? Will we be able to uphold the dignity of Islam that we hold for so much long?

Will we? Will we?

The answer if it is for muslimin will be much easier. Right now, I'm pointing at you.
Yes, you. The muslim girls. How are you going to keep your garments big, loose and simple enough as to obey your religious teaching? Are you strong enough?
Are you going to be able to stand up at the front line, move forward and beat everyone else? Will you be able to mix along with others and still keep your inner strength mighty and straight?

I believe, all of this would be nothing when we have ample self-esteem and self-believe to both yourselves and to Allah esp.

Then, this is what we should do..

Let’s have a full trust to Allah in this life and mission.

And let’s equip ourselves well enough for the future challenges.

Fuh~ I’m becoming so overly excited to finish my schooling. Is it good?

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