Thursday, 2 February 2012

Are We The Hypocrites?

This post is one of my rejected article for the newsletter. Sharing it to spread the words.
The Chinese New Year Break has ended and yet I feel like lying on the comfy bed again! (stretching my arms).

Ops, now, to the critical issue. Less than two months to go, SPM results will be out and it will be the time to analyse the school’s achievements after years of struggle. Students, teachers and parents have been sacrificing a dear lot of things for the sake of this examination. Seniors will be coming to school and most of us just couldn’t wait to meet their beloved seniors.

Dear brothers and sisters, we too will be sitting on the exam. We can already feel the radiant of the SPM and the force within that subtly compelled us to start speeding now.

We have been students for years and during that time, we have been burning the midnight oil for nights, glued on the chair for hours and that we had passed several national examination (UPSR and PMR) and abundance of school tests. And thanks to Allah, we have managed to survive until now, still breathing the fresh oxygen, fit and still ready to hit the button again.

But one thing, one very important thing we have always missed. We often forget to get closer to Allah, to the God who’s the one we could grant us our wishes. It is only at the eleventh hour, we would be busy praying: Oh, dear Allah, help me in the exam!

What about the months before the exam and the exact first minute after the exam has finished. Literally, Allah has already no place in our hearts and minds. How we are the hypocrites!

This is the exact times to reflect ourselves. Nowadays, there’s no such thing as study smart not study hard. It’s study hard and smart but at the same times, keep yourselves healthy and fresh. Complete your homework (though there are times you have no choice except to copy your friends answer) not only to please you teachers but also to master the topics. Stop jabbering nonsense; it’s a waste of time. Less backstabbing your friends and teachers, you need people’s love to pursue a happy life. Do not fritter your time, not a jiffy on useless things. Even if you need to distress yourselves, find something helpful and not on a vain attempt.

Do not forget to perform your prayers, recite the Quran and read the meanings of the verses as well because it will give you great solace and serene, none could give it to you except by practising them.

We are Muslims. Submit our wills fully to Allah swt, to none others but Him.

May, with the great determination that we have, Allah grace us with the straight A+s in SPM.

Dear Muslim friends, let’s show to the world the dignity of Islam.
And now, let's waste no more time and start fighting!

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