Friday, 27 January 2012

Teacher Z

Z does not stand for Zzzzz (sleeping). Not for zebra nor zig-zag.

Z is the initial letter of her name.
She's my teacher. And she's awesome more than you would have thought.
And the greatest thing she has done to my life is, she's been supporting my da'wa. Many are not aware of it. I know she wouldn't like me to write about her here. But, I just think, this would be like a token of my appreciation for her kindness and deeds. May Allah, with His bounties, bestow His blessings upon her.

I'm like a toddler, literally trying to walk in this path of da'wa. I haven't yet took the big step of being in a da'wa movement. I just feel it wasn't the exact time since I haven't done any research of those NGOs in Malaysia. 

But in school, I would try my best to realise our dream. It's a big dream and a lot of teachers have been saying it is impossible to achieve and nothing much we could do. How should we do then? I don't know the reason behind those restriction of not to be so eager of doing da'wa things. Bureaucracy, how much I loathe it!

Though, how much undesirable stuff has kept coming, she's been there for me. And though, she is the most teacher to know my weaknesses and etc, she has been the one who believe me the most of what I'm doing. 

She gave moral support, money.. and keep reminding me of any of bad habits in doing da'wa.

Gee, teacher. Thank you for everything. 
Please pray that I really become one of those greatest muslim known to the history.

-with heaps of love-
    your student

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  1. i love her too!!