Sunday, 22 January 2012

Abaya, abaya, abaya!

GIRL'S ZONE : This is girl's territory. Keep out of boy's reach.

There are times when I ain't able to keep my eyes away from stuff that I adore. I just love abaya, and really hope that I got enough money to buy my abaya...But when I surveyed through the internet and boutiques, most of the abayas sold are very exorbitant.
And I don't dare to ask mum or dad, or to use my own scarcely save money to spend on it.

There's several reasons of why I love abaya more than I do to the others. Among them are:

1. It's mostly black, and I love black as it seems so plain and simple. Plus, I don't need to care of what colour of hijab I should wear since black almost match all types of colours.

and,oh, the colour of black is not so striking.

2. Since it's cut to an 'A' shape, it has a wider 'kaki' than robes (jubah) which allow me to walk fast without being restrained by my dress (+.+ not like what jubah always does to me)

3. It's big and large and loose. It give the wearer most comfort and easiness.

4. You can wear abaya anywhere to any ocassions - shopping mall, wet market, dinner, at home during the presence of guest, yet nobody will feel you are a weirdo or dishonouring them. Hmm.. well, at least that what I think.

and, errr.. abaya is not suitable to be wore during a vigorous outdoor activity.

5. It's easy to be put on, like for example, in the house you wear short-sleeve t-shirt, simply put on your abaya and you are ready to have a blast outside the house!

6. The sixth reason of why I love abaya is because it's just abaya! Sometimes, you don't need to have a solid reason to like something as you love it as it is what it is.

To those who have passion as much as I do on abaya or jubah or muslim woman's type of dresses, you might would like to visit these links :

p/s: this post is part of the effort to enhance the growth of muslim business industry and also to promote the wearing of muslimah's dresses (as it covers our aurah even more). So, feel free to visit these websites and try an abaya on your own. You'll love it!


  1. Assalamualaikum :)

    It's been so long since I dropped my last comment. Sorry! :)
    And by the way, thank you soo much for sharing this! I've been looking forward for an abaya, really. And yes, this is soo much helping! tenkiu! ;)

    PS : Sorry for my broken English, too =)

  2. Miss: Waalaikumussalam.

    Da~. It's fancy to have ur visit here.
    Have a pleasant dressing feeling with your abaya.
    hu3.. Im looking forward for my abaya too. Don't think I could have it this time around.

    PS: No worries. my english is much more broken. ^^'

  3. haura' hurriyah22 January 2012 at 17:48

    hey you! miss abaya's

    pretended that i hate abaya, but i could not.. love it .
    black, as well. but you do love abaya that full of mix colour, i mean the flowers,? its design smetimes makes me feel awkward.
    the price ? haha, i'm interested :)