Thursday, 8 December 2011

How are they? I wonder

It was the day when I did my oral test. The PLBS stuff, the kind that compulsory for students to undergo in front of the teachers. I was in form 3. Don’t really remember the title I’d picked. But some sort about a better life, war in Gaza and pangs of hungers in Africa and how we are doing nothing to change their life for some betterment. And since I did mentioned about Gaza and how its citizens are fighting against the Israeli to claim their right on their land,
My teacher asked me, “What would you do if somehow you are being sent there in Gaza. What is the first thing you would like to do?”
I stared blank in a moment as I’d never thought of being questioned as such. Something came across my mind, and I simply spoke from the very bottom of my heart.
“ If I were to be sent to Gaza, the first ..  thing..I would do.. is I would to hug them and I say, how I …love them. And how… muslim in the entire whole are praying for them. I just miss and love them.” My voice stammered a little bit. It was not a kind of nervousness that struck me, but how I was about to cry, missing them, the people in Gaza. Tears were almost unbearable, but I managed to dab with my uniform’s sleeve before had it rolling down my cheeks.
Reminiscing the day,
I wonder how are they today? The people in Gaza. It has been decades since their land are being invaded but those Jews. Since the year 1948. It must be hard on them. May Allah helps you, Palestinians.

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