Thursday, 29 December 2011

Beauty of life

This is what I was thinking when I sat alone, gazing at the evening still-blue skies. It's beautiful.
And so is life.

The beauty of life is not about the posh, the richness, the favours that we feverish.
It's about experiences that you have gone through, the goodness you have attained, the chances and opportunities that you have never expected to actually come to your own very feet..
..and the heartaches, hurts, pains, cuts and loses that you have come through.

How beautiful it is! We may not find it pretty now, but we will later.

Because that very thorns, harshness and goodness that have been fated by Allah will make us closer to Him, seeking His help, confiding how weak you are and how you are in dire need of being close to Him to gain tranquil and solace.

Oh Allah, help us to go through every obstacles presented!

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