Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Every day is a lesson

Every day is a lesson,
teaching us how to keep firm,
to be patient,enduring every hurdle.

Every day is a lesson,
the feeling of sadness couldn't be bore,
that sometimes, the lesson is tough,
experiencing it seems like sailing through the roughest sea.

Every day is a lesson,
a class of world filled by human,
the syllabus of life is the book,
life itself is the teacher.


  1. pengajaran yang dijadikan tauladan . yess memang pahit . how can i endure it ?

  2. guess, we need to learn how do ourselves cope with it. generally, human have different mechanism of enduring such thing..
    even mine is different from yours.
    keep learning then! i still need to learn my own mechanism too. =)

    gee, sorry, don't think that answers your q.