Friday, 28 October 2011

Don't ever commend on me!

After 16 years being able to breathe in this world, i've learnt something very important. Something that have taught me an important lesson in life. Perhaps  it reacts differently to someone else, but for me, i got a favour to.. My dear friends and to-be friends, please, don't ever have a slightest thought to commend or praise me on whatever aspect. You wouldn't know what would happen after you gave such 'wonderful' words. The only thing i could see after receiving such praises is worst than you and i could ever expect to happen. So very undeniably true, i've always turn out to be extravagantly the worst person ever come to your life. That's what i see. Sooner or later, it'll happen. So please, DON'T praise me! 
Perhaps, this is what the ulama' trying to convey to people. Praise is no worth except a filthy rubbish.

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