Saturday, 27 August 2011

True Friendship

I f you are currently searching for a true friendship, now, let me give you some tips.

Bear in your mind that,
Friendship is not about receiving , it's about giving. Well, generally live is about giving, not receiving.  It's about how much you could help your friends for the benefit of them in the world and the hereafter.. It's about how much you could pour them with pure love as they are muslim and we are muslim and Rasulullah saw said that muslim should love each other. That's what a true friendship is  - give and love. You hope for reward to none others but Allah, not even any of your friends. In Quran He even said, never even request to receive even the words 'thank you' when you give to others.
And when one day, you've achieve these, you've understood these, it's then i could be sure, your life will be contempted.
What I mean is that, dont' quest for a true friend, but hope for it, don't endeavour it, but be one of it.

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