Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ramadhan and Me, How I miss it!

I don't know whatever i'm feeling right now
you just feel unsecure.. the Ramadhan is going to be so far away from me
..and how would I say to it so it won't leave me here?
..and how I would like to say to you Ramadhan,
that I'm already feeling so in dire miss of you
and hope you could come again tomorrow and would never leave me.
'Cause I'm already missing the night I've spent with you,
the recitation of the beautiful verses of the Holy Quran,
the zikr that make me feel so close to God,
the sincere doa for forgiveness,
the indulgence in my prayer,
and the cold ablution that refresh me.
Oh, how I miss you Ramadhan,
and hope you would never ever leave me.

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