Sunday, 28 August 2011

No tittle - just feeling -

This is life. The last time you saw them, they are nice, well-played with you, caring, soft spoken, innocent.. but the next time you saw them, they aren't like the last time you met them. They've changed to somewhat a new world that you no longer understand.
But then, you feel guilty 'cause you and them had once been friends and now you've left them for study's purposes. You know, they got to MRSM, SMS, SBT etc.. and you are in a SMKA. Some might have gone to a better school than mine. Deep inside, I hope to see them getting much better than the last time we met, longing to see it.. but to no avail, no such betterment.

And there's mixture of feeling that tried to engulf me. The sense of sad, missing..guilt - mostly. They're your friends, muslim youths, the hope for a better muslim generation tommorrow, but..
the light seems to become so damn paler and paler..

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