Friday, 6 May 2011

The Muhammad (saw) whom I adore!

    It's awesome. Great. And I feel contempted. Believe me, if you know more about the sunnah of out beloved prophet Muhammad, it is then you will feel how much you adore him, miss him. It feels like you want to meet him whenever, even the time is brief. It is him, who you lead your life with - through his word, action and even when he said nothing about something, then, it is your guidance too. All praise to Allah, for Allah has bestowed the mankind for such noble man ever exist in the entire world.

But, i ever wonder. How many people today claim to love him, yet they don't follow him thoroughly. He taught us to lead our life in simple ways, simple paths but that doesn't mean what he had preached us is something simple to be taken care of. It is something to be known exactly how he taught us, not just base on what people said and be backed to him.

He taught us to abide what Allah and his messenger had said. He taught to put Allah beyond all things.He taught us to love each other.He taught us to live in peace. He taught us to care for each other. He taught us to be kind. And all of that, is the basis of what the prophet Muhammad had taught. But the question that comes upon is, how many moslem has done these? How many of them have taken Muhammad's life as the guidance towards their life - how they do their 'ibadah, manners and attitude.

The answer?... Ask our iman.

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